Thank you for your interest in the EARMA Conference in Vienna.

The Conference registration is closed as the maximum number of participants has been reached - neither on-line nor on-site registration any more!

Thank you for your understanding!

Registration fees

  Early Registration Normal Registration Onsite Registration Daily Fee
Participants (members) 400,-- 460,-- 600,-- 200,--
Participants (non members) 590,-- 650,-- 790,-- 295,--
Speakers (members) 350,-- 410,-- 550,-- 180,--
Speakers (non members) 540,-- 600,-- 740,-- 275,--
Conference Dinner 75,-- 80,-- 85,-- 85,--

List of registered participants

See here who has already registered for the conference.

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Early Registration will be available until March 31st, 2013
Normal Registration will be available from March 16th til June 21st, 2013

Participants who register as members must supply their EARMA membership number or the membership number of an Sister Professional Association (SPA).

The conference fees includes the Welcome Reception on July 1st, and the Farewell Lunch on Thursday, 4th

Conference Contacts

Anna K. Groeninx van Zoelen Secretary of Annual Conference Standing Committee


If you would like to become sponsor please contact Dr. John Donovan